An accomplished engineer, Skyman is guaranteed to present a program of the highest caliber fine-tuned to your particular needs.

Having served as a consultant for big firms like Delta Foods, Palco-Schiesser, IDEAL bikes, Elta Courrier, Sarantis Industry of Cosmetics etc, Skyman is your safest choice to ensure optimum blending with your white and blue-collar personnel.

With numerous performances in front of a vast variety of audiences (summer tours, theater venues, corporate events etc), Skyman is the performer you can trust for a fast-paced, engaging and interactive presentation that will leave your people enchanted and mesmerized.

Study after study confirm the harsh reality where the workforce often feels disengaged, tired or bored. What about overcoming this problem by offering them a fresh, unique and mind-awakening presentation full of laughter and jaw-dropping monents...

...Skyman is the man to call when you are tired of seing your workforce being bored.

...Skyman is here to serve you and your special people.

Please inquire for more details on booking Skyman for corporate events, conferences or parties by contacting Ms. Angeliki Panagiotidou (T: +30 6936 652 229).