Hosting an event that you wish to be unforgettable?

Aiming to bring your people closer?

Wishing to spark their thinking process and energize their mind?


Skyman is here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations in a professional and stylish manner by offering a variety of choices:

1. Corporate events

Annual celebrations, corporate bonding venues, business seminars etc are spiced up and become the most memorable experience by adding the "Skyman experience", a unique program that energizes the mind and engages the whole audience. Each program is specifically designed to incorporate and boost the positive messages YOU wish to promote to your workforce. 

Entertainment for results!

For booking you own corporate show please contact Ms. Angeliki Panagiotidou (T: +30 6936 652 229).


2. Ancient Greece

Aimed mainly to tourists, this session with title "Ancient Greeks did it Better!" presents in an engaging and interactive way the methods, techniques and systems used by Ancient Greeks to control the mind, persuade and even manipulate the masses. The program is presented in fluent English by the charismatic Skyman and ensures a breath-taking learning experience. The session is hosted in the center of Athens at a magnificent terrace overlooking the monument of Parthenon!

For booking you own "Ancient Greece" show please contact Ms. Angeliki Panagiotidou (T: +30 6936 652 229).


3. Keynote Speaking

Evolving around the real-life wizards of all times like Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs and the like that have undoubtedly changed the world by first changing people's minds, Skyman will present a series of experiments of mind control and persuassion to demonstrate the power and charisma those historical figures held. Simultaneously, the session will focus on enhancing the audience's inherent powers by teaching them a series of applicable methods and tools to become better persuaders and catalysts for change. Practical benefits for people and businesses!

For booking you own Keynote Speaking session please contact Ms. Angeliki Panagiotidou (T: +30 6936 652 229).