Skyman is YOUR man!...


Skyman is destined to provide high-caliber presentations to you and your audience through a series of exciting and intriguing mind games evolving around the power of the mind, human persuassion and thought control. An engineer himself with a masters degree in business development, Skyman was always eager to learn more about the "mechanics" of the mind and all inner secrets of human behaviour. Armed with a delicate sense of humour, Skyman has proven again and again that he can offer a breath-taking experience where people participate and uplift their emotional state while they smile, laugh and -sure enough- put aside the problems and burdens of their everyday lives. 

...A very good "medicine" for your and your special people!


With over 15 years in-depth experience in the field, Skyman has performed for a variety of venues and settings (Gialino Mousiko Theatro, Summer Tours, Corporate Clients, Non-Profit Organisations, Busineess Seminars etc) and is thus guaranteed to serve best your goals and enchant your audience by customising his performance to suit your needs and by fine-tuning his presenations to awaken in a deeper level the imagination of your people.

...A very poweful tool in the arsenal of the modern event planner! 


Each show is 35-55 minutes long depending on your time schedule, packed with audience participation and multiple moments of gasps and amazement. The guests will be fully engaged and baffled while Skyman will be blowing their minds. As a finale, Skyman will finish with a strong presentation that will incorporate the meeting's theme, core value or pillar you wish to communicate to your people